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  • Jenkins X - An opinionated cloud-native CI/CD platform built on top of kubernetes
  • Opinions of Jenkins X
    • Our apps run on K8S
    • We use helm and docker! No custom packaging or deployment scripts needed!
    • Uses GitOps
    • Each dev language has a reusable default structure called a “build pack”
    • Pipelines are extendable and reusable
    • Components of Jenkins X are elastic
    • Jx CLI tool used to manage our Jenkins X cluster
    • Jenkins X is very opinionated, only runs on k8s
    • Environments up and running by default with K8S
    • Sensible defaults for projects and pipelines
    • Jenkins X uses “Tekton” for it's pipeline engine, so about the only thing the same between classic jenkins and jenkins x is the name!
    • Classic CI/CD with Jenkins is not opinionated enough and requires too much customization
    • Jenkins X is opinionated and gives you an entire end-to-end CI/CD platform out of the box
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